Engagement tools
for your impact organization
Engagement tools for your impact organization

Provide your email to start a conversation
about a pricing plan that fits your organization
Provide your email to start a conversation about a pricing plan that fits your organization

    go waves

    Measure how participants engage with your programs

    so you can understand your organization’s impact

    Know Who You Serve

    Collect and manage data to better understand your audience based on geographic location, age, gender, and more

    Track Your Progress

    Take attendance and track engagement across your organization

    Stay in Touch

    Keep your organization updated and engaged with messaging, alerts, and automated reminders

      What’s included in UpActive?

      Use UpActive on the Web and your Mobile device (iOS & Android)

      Group Management

      Manage Rosters

      Understand who you serve by storing member data including personal information and emergency contact info.

      Manage Events

      Easily create individual or repeating events. Allow members to RSVP for events to help with event planning and participation management.

      Track Member Engagement

      Track attendance including how many members were on-time, late, excused, absent.

      Messaging and Reminders

      Message Members

      Broadcast announcements to your entire group or message individuals, as needed.

      Attendance Reminders

      Ensure your staff remembers to take attendance.

      Event Reminders

      Make sure your members always know event details.

      RSVP Reminders

      Know who is attending your events so you can plan more effectively.


      Access Engagement Reports

      View participation and staff engagement hours and attendance percentages across your organization.

      View Participation Trends

      Break down engagement data across event types and custom date ranges to drive actionable insights.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Yes, for groups wanting to try out UpActive, you can start using the platform for free. Contact us to start a conversation.
      Our goal is to provide valuable tools at affordable prices for all of our partners. By providing your contact information below, we can start a conversation about a unique pricing plan designed for your organization.
      In-place partner organizations will continue to be able to use the UpActive platform for free.
      Data collected with UpActive is integrated in UpMetrics, our analytics platform. Organizations use UpMetrics to measure impact, build capacity, and increase access to funding.
      We take our responsibility to protect our partners’ data very seriously. We train each of our team members to handle partner data with care, and we use enterprise-grade technology to secure our infrastructure. We’re always striving to improve, and we’d love to talk with you about your security and privacy needs.

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